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Online Learning Facility For Taxi Companies

Tired of having to organise training for drivers?

Wish there was an easier way?

Taxi Training Australia is the premium online training course for Taxi Drivers. Our team will personalise the training to your specifications and work with you to ensure all drivers breeze through the training. Our non-accredited courses are tried and tested with existing Taxi companies.

Why Choose Taxi Training Australia

  • No need to hold classes, training is self managed by applicants

  • Training designed to your specifications

  • Full branding to your organisation

  • Reliable support and maintenance

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Can my company make changes to the training?

Yes, our team will develop and maintain the training to your specifications.
Some additional cost may be incurred for major redevelopments.

Will drivers be able to login if they forget their password?

Yes, this will be a self managed process. They will be able to reset passwords themselves

Will other companies be able to see my training?

NO, The links for the training will be supplied to your administration team to give to potential drivers. These links will be specific to your training.

What happens if the driver fails the training?

The beauty of the developed training allows the driver to review his answers and retake the tests.

Some tests will be randomised and have different questions but the same facility exists for the driver to continue to retake the test.

How is the training charged?

Training costs are dependent of your requirements. For further information please complete the enquiry form.

Is the training accredited?

Training is extensive and although designed by a qualified trainer and assessor, the training is non-accredited.  Taxi Training Australia is not a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

See what our customers are saying

For years Taxi companies have had to hold classes for groups of people. This was time consuming and difficult to manage. Taxi Training Australia developed our training and put it online. We no longer have to have classes or wait to have enough people to hold a class. The potential driver completes his registration and it activated immediately. They are able to complete the training in the comfort of their own home. Using Taxi Training Australia has increased the amount of drivers going through the training. Drivers no longer have to take time off work to do the training.

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